Allopathic Hospitals in Kerala
The system of medical practice which treats disease by the use of remedies which produce effects different from those produced by the disease under treatment. MDs practice allopathic medicine.
The term "allopathy" was coined in 1842 by C.F.S. Hahnemann to designate the usual practice of medicine (allopathy) as opposed to homeopathy, the system of therapy that he founded based on the concept that disease can be treated with drugs (in minute doses) thought capable of producing the same symptoms in healthy people as the disease itself.
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amala hospital,,hospitalskerala,hospitals kerala Amala Hospital, Thrissur,Kerala,India krishna,hospitalskerala,hospitals kerala,hospitalskerala,hospitals in kerakla Krishna Hospital, Ernakulam, Kerala,India
specialist hospital,,hospitalskerala,hospitals kerala Specialists' Hospital, Ernakulam, Kerala,India pvs memorial,,hospitalskerala,hospitals kerala P.V.S Memorial Hospital, Ekm, Kerala,India
trichur heart hospital,,hospitalskerala,hospitals kerala Trichur Heart Hospital, Trichur,Kerala,India regional cancer centre,,hospitalskerala,hospitals kerala Regional Cancer Centre, Tvm, Kerala,India
attukal devi institute of medical science,,hospitalskerala,hospitals kerala,hospita;s in kerala,,hospitalskerala,hospitals kerala Attukal Devi Institute of Medical Sciences, Tvm, Kerala,India allopathic hospitals in kerala,kerala allopathic hospitals

Arumana Hospital, Tvm,

ananthapuri hospitals and research institute,,hospitalskerala,hospitals kerala Ananthapuri Hospitals and Research Institute,Tvm,Kerala,India
balya children hospital thrissur Balya Children Hospital,Thrissur,

ananthapuri hospital Chaithanya Eye Hospital & Research,Ekm, Kerala,India dr govindas hospital,,hospitalskerala,hospitals kerala Dr Govindans Hospital,Tvm, Kerala,India
fathima hospital,,hospitalskerala,hospitals kerala Fathima Hospital,kozhikode, Kerala,India farooq hospital,,hospitalskerala,hospitals kerala Farooq Hospital,Calicut,
Kerala, India
ansar hospital,,hospitalskerala,hospitals kerala Ansar Hospital,Thrissur,Kerala,India aswani hospital,,hospitalskerala,hospitals kerala Aswini Hospital,Thrissur,Kerala
lords hospital,,hospitalskerala,hospitals kerala Lords Hospital,Tvm,Kerala,India geethangaly hospital trivandrum Geethanjali Hospital,Tvm,
Kerala, India
malabar institute of medical science,,hospitalskerala,hospitals kerala Malabar Institute of Medical Science, Calicut,Kerala,India nairs hospital,,,hospitalskerala,hospitals kerala Nairs Hospital,Specialised Center for Psychiatry,Ekm,Kerala,India
nirmala hospital,,hospitalskerala,hospitals kerala Nirmala Hospital,Calicut,Kerala,India district co-operative hospital,,hospitalskerala,hospitals kerala District Co - operative Hospital, Calicut,Kerala,India
medical trust,,hospitalskerala,hospitals kerala,hospitals in kerala Medical Trust Hospital,Ernakulam, Kerala,India maria treesa hospital Mariya Theresa Hospital,Thrissur, Kerala,India
West fort  hospital,,hospitalskerala,hospitals kerala West Fort Hospital,Thrissur, Kerala,India kj hospital thrissur K J Hospital,Thrissur,Kerala,India
mother hospital,,hospitalskerala,hospitals kerala Mother Hospital,Thrissur,Kerala,India puthukkad government hospital Puthukkad Govt. Hospital, Thrissur.Kerala,India
modern hospital,,hospitalskerala,hospitals kerala Modern Hospital Kodungallur Ltd.,Thrissur, Kerala,India queen mary's hospital kerala Queen Mary's Hospital, Pathnamthitta Kerala,india
rajendra medical mission Rajendra Nursing home,Calicut, Kerala,India r.sankar smaraka hospital R.Sankar Smaraka Hospital, Kollam,Kerala,India
Red cross hospital,,hospitalskerala,hospitals kerala Red Cross,Kottayam,Kerala,India hospital St. George Hospital, Pathanamthitta, Kerala,India
thahani hospital Thahani Hospital,Thrissur,Kerala,India trinity medical centre alleppey Trinity Medical Centre,Alleppy, Kerala,India
thengana medical mission hospital Thengana Medical Mission Hospital, Kottayam,Kerala,India upasana hospital Upasana Hospital,Kerala,India
vijaya hospital calicut Vijaya Hospital,Calicut,Kerala,India vijayamatha hospital thrissur Vijaymatha Hospital,Thrissur, Kerala,India
welcare hospital kerala Welcare Hospital,kerala,India appukuttan memorial hospital Appukuttan Memorial Hospital, Wayanad, Kerala,India
assumption hospital,,hospitalskerala,hospitals kerala Assumption Hospital,Wayanad, Kerala,India aravind medical centre kollam Aravind Medical Centre,Kollam, Kerala,India
assini hospital kerala Assisi Hospital,Kollam,Kerala,India assisi atonement hospital,,hospitalskerala,hospitals kerala Assisi Attonment Hospital Kollam,
am hospital kollam AM Hospital,Kollam,Kerala,India aswinimadom pharmacy kollam Aswinimadom Pharmacy,Kollam, Kerala,India
abraham mallappan hospital kerala Abraham Mallppan Memorial Hospital, Pathanamthitta,Kerala,India al iqbal hospital thrissur Al-iqbal Hospital,Thrissur, Kerala,India
aswathy chikilsalayam pathanamthitta Aswathy Chikilsalayam, Pathanamthitta, Kerala,India al-arifa,hospitalskerala,hospitals kerala,hospitals in kerala Al-Arif Hospitals,Tvm, Kerala,India
nadakkavu hospital kerala Nadakkavu Hospital,Calicut, Kerala,India malabar eye hospital Malabar Eye Hospital East,Calicut, Kerala,India
goversnment hospital calicut Govt. General Hospital,Calicut, Kerala,India iqra hospital,,hospitalskerala,hospitals kerala,hospitals in kerala IQRAA Hospital,Calicut, Kerala,India
karunakara hospital kerala Karunakara Hospital,Calicut, Kerala,India manohar hospital calicut kerala Manohar Hospital,Calicut, Kerala,India
mundol nursing home kerala Mundol Nursing Home, Calicut, Kerala,India taj hospital calicut Taj Hospital,Calicut,Kerala,India
national hospital,,hospitalskerala,hospitals kerala,hospitals in  kerala National Hospital,Calicut,Kerala,India Shiba Urological Research Centre,Calicut,Kerala,India
medical collage,,hospitalskerala,hospitals kerala,hospitals in kerala Medical College,Calicut,Kerala,India Sarada Hospital,Calicut, Kerala,India
sreedhar hospital kerala Sreedhar Hospital,Calicut,Kerala,India Chaithanya Eye Hospital & Research Institute,Ekm, Kerala,India
Cosmopolitan hospital,,hospitalskerala,hospitals kerala Cosmopolitan hospital,Tvm, Kerala,India S.K.Hospital,Tvm,Kerala,India
Aradhana Eye Hospital,Tvm, Kerala,India gg  hospital,,hospitalskerala,hospitals kerala GG Hospital,Tvm,Kerala,India
dr.joys hospital,,hospitalskerala,hospitals kerala Dr.JoysHospital,Vyttila,Kerala,India City Dental Clinic,Calicut,
st.joseph hopsital calicut St . Joseph Hospital,Calicut, Kerala,India pai heart foundation,,hospitalskerala,hospitals kerala Dr. K. N. Pai Heart Foundation, Tvm, Kerala,India
prs hospital,,hospitalskerala,hospitals kerala P R S Hospital,Tvm,Kerala,India Vijayasree Eye Hosptial,Thrissur, Kerala,India
cresent hospital,,hospitalskerala,hospitals kerala Cresent Hospital,Palakkad, Kerala,India St. Vincent De Paul Hospital, Thrissur,Kerala,India
mugal medical mission hospital Mugal Medical Mission Hospital, Thrissur, Kerala,India N E S Hospital,Thrissur, Kerala,India
okkay mission hospital Okay Mission Hospital Ltd,Thrissur, Kerala,India Prasanthi Medical Centre, Thrissur, Kerala,India
st.antonys hospital thrissur St. Antony's Hospital, Thrissur, Kerala,India Devamatha Hospital,Thrissur, Kerala,India
dhanya hospital thrissur Dhanya Hospital,Thrissur,Kerala,India E N T Hospital,Thrissur , Kerala,India
sacred mission hospital Sacred Heart Mission Hospital, Thrissur, Kerala,India st.james hospital,,hospitalskerala,hospitals kerala St. James Hospital,Thrissur, Kerala,India
laksmi sudha hospital Lakshmi Sudha Hospital,Thrissur, Kerala,india Lal Memorial Hospital,Thrissur, kerala,India
mary immaculate hospital thrissur Mary Immaculate Hospital,Thrissur, Kerala,India Abad Hospitals,Kerala,India
muthoot mission hospital kerala Muthoot Mission Hospital, Pathanamthitta, Kerala,India pushpagiri hospital,,hospitalskerala,hospitals kerala Pushappagiri Hospital, Pathanamthitta, Kerala,India
tvn hospital TVN Hospital,Pathanamthitta, kerala,India thiruvalla medical mission hospital,,hospitalskerala,hospitals kerala Thiruvalla Medical Mission Hospital, Pathanamthitta,Kerala,India
santhwana ent hospital trivandrum Santhwana ENT Hospital,Trivandrum, Kerala,India cmc hospital,,hospitalskerala,hospitals kerala CMC Hospital,Kottayam, Kerala,India
bharath hospital kottayam Bharath Hospital,Kottayam, Kerala,India Susrutha Public Health Service Society,Alleppy,Kerala,india
bharath hospital kottayam Elavumkal Diabetes Centre and Hospital, Kannur, Kerala,India    
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