PVS Memorial Hospital
We have under our wings an array of super speciality and speciality care departments with highly committed medical professionals at their helm.
:: Gastroenterology
:: Gastrointestinal Surgery
:: General Surgery
:: Neonatology / Paediatrics
:: Dept. of Obstetrics & Gynaecology
:: Urology
:: Nephrology
:: Dentistry
The Medical Trust Hospital facilitates all emergency cases. We have 24 hour ambulatory services and an exclusive Trauma & Emergency Department.
Vshwas - Centre for breath & smell care - Click here to download the brochure
Vshwas - Centre for breath & smell care - Click here to download the brochure
Dermatology & Venereology
Diabetic Clinic
Psychology & Child Guidance Clinic
General Medicine
Executive Health Checkup
Support Services
This department is headed by the superlative professional Dr. Philip Augustine. MD, DM and also studded with eminent stars like Dr. Mathew Philip, MD, DM and Dr. G N Ramesh, MD, DM supported by a team of capable MD doctors. It is considered to the best of its kind in India and is an approved training centre for Dip. NB in gastroenterology. It is equipped with Fibre Optic Endoscopes, ATL Apogee 800 Ultrasound scanner, Surgical Yag Lazer, Image Intensifier etc and all types of diagonistic and therapeutic gastroenterology procedures including Transjugular Liver Biopsy are done here. It is well supported by the centrally air-conditioned Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU) equipped with the most sophisticated equipments and monitors and have centralized suction and oxygen distribution facilities.
Endoscopy Procedures
Colonoscopy - Limited
Colonoscopy Polypectomy - Ltd
Colonoscopy Polypectomy -Total
Colonoscopy - Total
Endo Laser ablation of Tumours
Endo Percutaneous Gastrostomy
Endo Retrograde Cholangio Panc
Endo Sphincterot & Stone Remov
Endo Sphincterotomy & Stenting
Endo Spincertomy / Pappillatomy
Endoscopic Cysto Gastrostomy
Endoscopic Esophageal
Endoscopic Esophageal
Stent Endoscopic
Foreign Body Remova
Endoscopic Oesophageal - Repeat
Endoscopic Oesophageal Dilatation
Endoscopic Sclerotherapy
Endoscopic Repeat
ERCP + Mechanical Lithotripsy
ERCP Stenting
ERCP Stone Removal only
Fiber Optic Sigmoidoscopy
Kenakort Injection
Laser hemostasis
Laser Sigmoidoscopy
Liver Biopsy
OGD / Sclero
OGD / A. A. Injection
OGD / Colonoscopy
Pneumatic - D - Achalasia - Repeat
Pneumatic - D - Achalasia Cardia
Pneumatic - D - Pyloric Stenosis
Sengstaken - Blackmore Tamponade
Sigmoidoscopy Polypectomy
Transjugular Liver Biopsy
Upper GI Endo / Cynaculate Inj.
Upper GI Endoscopy - ( Repeat )
Upper GI Endocopy - First Time
Upper GI Endocopy / EVL Banding
Ultrasound Procedures
Bone Marrow
Echo Cardio
Liver Biopsy with gun needle
Theraputic Tapping
Ultrasonography with film
Ultrasound Alchohol Injection
Ultrasound Asceptic Tapping
Ultrasound ATL
Ultrasound Fert. Clinic
Ultrasound FNAC
Ultrasound Gastro
Ultrasound Guided Liver Aspt.
Ultrasound Gynaec
Ultrasound Head
Ultrasound Kidney mass biopsy
Ultrasound Liver biopsy
Ultrasound - Liver Asp. Repeat
Ultrasound - Peritoneal Aspt.
USG Guided Aspiration / Biopsy /FNAC
USG - Aspiration ( Repeat )
USG - Biopsy ( Repeat )
USG - FNAC ( Repeat )
Gastrointestinal Surgery
This department is headed by Dr. H. Ramesh, MS, MCh who is living legend on the subject known for his extra ordinary skills in solving complicated surgical problems. He is well supported by a team of dedicated professionals like Dr. George Jacob, MS, Dr. Venugopal A, MD, PhD, G-I-Surgery (MOSCOW) and Dr. Lekha V, MS. A centre for highly complicated gastro-intestinal surgical problems and is a referral centre for patients not only from all over Kerala, Tamilnadu and Karnataka but also from North India and Gulf Countries. It is well Supported by a centrally air-conditioned Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU) equipped with the most sophisticated equipments and monitors and have centralized suction and oxygen distribution facilities.
Anterior resection
Biliary Bypass
Colostomy Closure
Diagnostic Laproscopy
Gastric Drainage
GJ + Vagotamy
High Fistula
Lap Appendicectomy
Lap Chole Laprotomy
Low Fistula Ltd.
Colonic Resection
Pancreatic Drainage
Puestow Operation
Sub - Total Gastrectomy
Total Gastrectomy
To serve as an apex institution providing state of the art medical facilities by integrading highly sophisticated equipment and highly skilled personnel and to serve as a training institution on the subject.
Training : The center has been recognised as an approved institution for imparting training for FRCS by the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. It is also having a well stocked library on the subject.
General Surgery
Apart from highlights specialised surgery in gastroenterology various other general surgeries also are routinely undertaken.
Neonatology / Paediatrics
The department of Neonatology has achieved infrastructural and man power related capabilities comparable withinternational standards and is one of the most technologically advanced units in the country. It is headed by dynamic professional Dr. Tony Mampilly, DCH MRCP (UK). This centrally air conditioned Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) has 22 beds and has 9 ventillators including one High Frequency Ventillator and it has got state-of-the art monitoring facilities like Pulse Oximeter, Capnography, Infusion Pump, Blood Gas Analyser apart from Servo controlled warmers and incubators with parental Nutrition is also a speciality of this centre. The Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) is also fully equipped. Recent additions includes cystoscopes which can be used even for new born babies and a complete range of Neonatal and Paediatric Bronchoscopes with optical forceps, core temperature monitors and other accessories for paediatric surgery and foreign body removal.
The man power structure and the team would have accountability and reliability similar to that of developed countries.
The Neonatial Intensive Care Unit has a baby to nurse ratio of 1:1 with an overall survival rate of 92% and a survival rate of 80% among ventilated neonates. The department was completed more than 1,57,760 ventilator hours. It has centralized suction and oxygen distribution facilities.
To serve as an apex institution for training and to involve in critical perinatal issue and liaison with Medical Colleges in expertise and training and in the care of high risk pregnancies.
Develop international collaboration with Western Universities for exchange programmes and training. To set up a centre for Dip. NB in Neonatology.
Support Facilities
Neurodevelopmental Clinic : Follow up of high risk babies up to 5 years for Visual Auditory, Cognitive, Motor and Social handicaps. The programme includes Opthalmological surveillance, Auditory & visual evoked potential. The clinic has followed up around 210 babies for 3 years out of which 12 babies exhibited mild Motor handicap and 2 at grade III ROP, one had profound deafness and Hyper activity was seen in 37 babies.
Child Guidance Clinic : Managed by a team comprising Padiatrician, Child Psychologist, Neuropsychologist, Speech Therapist, Remedial Educators and Special Educators who offers councelling and assistance for learning disability and behavioural problems.
:: The paper on "End- Tidal CO2 monitoring in Neonates" presented at the Annual National Neonatal Convention in 1994 received wide acclaim and has been sent overseas for publication. Every year 2-3 research papers are produced on critical neonatal issues.
:: Survival of 500 gm 24 weeks old baby in year 1998.
:: Highest neonatal survival among NICUs in India.
:: The highest nurses to baby ration of 1:1.

Training : Imparts hands on training to paediatricians and providing them insight to cases associated with detailed discussions and various ventilatory strategies adopted at each point of time.
The Team Cephale is our new superspeciality division of Head and Neck Surgery which is a new concept introduced in India.
This is a team of Maxillofacial Surgeon, ENT and Head & Neck Surgeon performing different surgical corrections on the head and neck region at the same time. Traditionally these surgeries were done by different doctors at different times which adversely affect the quality and duration of the treatment
. Major facial reconstitution after accidents, full range Head & Neck Tumours, Voice disorder correction including Cosmetic Surgeries for correction of in-born deformities are done here.
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